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  Online Privacy Policy


By completing a request for information on this site, you acknowledge your express consent to receive real estate resources and news, establishment information and updates, and promotional offers via email. You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in any email message, and / or by sending a return text message with the word STOP. These withdrawal methods will be clearly stated in each email message.

This privacy policy describes how the Information on Outaouais real estate collects, uses and shares your personal information on this website

What is personal information?

Personal information is generally all information about an identifiable individual other than the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization, provided that such business contact information is used only for contacting the employee in a professional or commercial capacity.

How does the agent / broker collect your personal information from you?

Your personal information is collected from you only for the reasons that will be disclosed to you at or before the time of collection. We do not ask for this information in order for you to gain access to, navigate, or view the content of the Agent / Broker Site.

The reason why the use of the personal information collected is necessary for certain activities on our sites (eg, when you contact us with a question or a request) will be revealed to you. For these activities, we may collect, for example, your name, street address, telephone number, email address and postal code. When you complete an application for a loan or real estate products and services on an agent / broker's site, it may be necessary for us to obtain additional information from third-party sources. We don't collect more information than we need.

Does the agent / broker collect or use the personal information he has collected by technological means?

The agent / broker's site collects some information about you using technological means. Therefore, it is likely that it will not be readily apparent to you that this information is being collected. For example, when you come to our sites, your IP address may be collected so that we know the number of visits we have had by different individuals. An IP address is often associated with where you enter the Internet from - your Internet service provider, business, or company. This information is non-nominative.

How does the agent / broker use the personal information you have given them?

We collect and use personal information to respond to your questions or comments, to send you information about our real estate or mortgage services or about our company, to promote the products and services of third party suppliers to the agent. / to the broker, to administer certain services that were indicated to you at the time of collection, to refer you (with your consent) to another agent or broker for a service that we cannot provide to you. We will use this information for statistical analysis and marketing purposes on a non-nominative basis.

Who will the agent / broker provide your personal information to?

Personal information is used by us and by others on our behalf. We will only disclose it to the following people and for the following reasons:


  1. To third party service providers with whom the agent / broker has a contractual agreement, including appropriate privacy protection standards, for the purpose of (i) performing functions such as data processing, database services , marketing or information technology support; (ii) to submit and process your loan requests, real estate products and services or other requests relating to the products or services of our third party service providers; (iii) to provide insurance for Agent / Broker's product liability claims on behalf of the Agent / Broker; or (iv) refer you to another agent or broker;

  2. To comply with any legal action such as an injunction, enforce our user agreement / agent / broker site terms or protect the safety of our guests and our site;

  3. As permitted or required by law.

We will let you know at the time the information is collected if we plan to share it with a third party; we will determine the type of company with which we will share the information collected; We will tell you what information we share (such as your street address or email address) and we will only share the data if you agree. We recommend that you contact these third parties directly for additional information on their privacy policies.

However, we may also (a) disclose personal information to a potential acquirer in connection with a transaction involving the sale of our business, and (b) send the personal information abroad for the purposes set out above, in particular with a view to their processing and archiving by service providers for these purposes. Please note that while this information is abroad, it is subject to the laws of the country where it is held, and may be subject to disclosure to governments, courts, law enforcement agencies. of the law or regulation of that country and in accordance with its laws.

Links and disclaimer regarding linked sites

Please note that as soon as you press a link on the agent / broker's site, you may leave that site for a site which is no longer controlled by the agent / broker and on which our privacy policy of privacy no longer applies. You should read the privacy policy, if applicable, of each linked site to see how your personal information will be treated there.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about this privacy policy?

If you require further assistance, please contact the Agent / Broker or Settlement / Privacy Officer by writing to us at 260 St-Raymond, Attention: Settlement / Life Officer private.

Please note that this privacy policy relates only to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by agent / broker sites.

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